Sunday, May 18, 2008

Desi Party Pictures

Some Hot Desi party pictures

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

20 uses for a condoms

1. Hair tie

2. Slip 'er over a payphone to avoid "NASTY" germs

3. Bathing cap (if you stretch it in the right manner)

4. Neat travel case for your toothbrush

5. Wet suit for a ferret

6. Finger puppets

7. Travel size shampoo and conditioner holders

8. Use it to store that urine sample next time you go to the doc for a checkup

9. Rubber boot for a peg leg

10. Latex toe warmers

11. Stuff, and use to stop drafts under doors

12. Fill with rocks and use to as a weapon in a crisis situation

13. Makeshift sandbags in the event of a flood

14. To keep candles dry when camping

15. Build your own incredible "Water Weenies"

16. To quickly fill water pistols

17. Bicycle tire tube

18. Change purse

19. Goodyear Blimp model

20. For those long car trips that dad hates to stop for potty breaks

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Some Inresting Condoms

some amazing condoms pictures

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How to Make a Bra Purse

  1. Start by removing the straps from the cups.
  2. Keep the cups together if you have the type of bra that allows it. If you separate the cups, simply glue them back together along the wire line.

  3. Glue the cups together to form the pouch part of the purse. This bra was slightly open-cupped (deep plunge line) so it was glued up the side to form a deeper pouch.

  4. Glue the straps back on to form the handles. This can be short or long depending on the bag style.Use the actual bra straps to keep the purse "Bra Looking" or use ribbon or a cord instead. Attach them to the top of the bra where the straps would normally sit.

  5. If you are using a strapless bra to make your bag, then just glue the handles into the inside edge of the cup.

  6. Embellish the handbag by gluing on trims, ribbons and sequins to your desired style! Obviously, if you want to make the fact that it is a recycled bra less apparant, add more decoration. If you're a bit more outgoing, add little or no decoration, and see what your friends have to say when they first see it.

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Types of Condoms

MIRINDA condom: Zor ka jhatka dhire se lage.
MRF condom: Extra rubber, extra milage.
MOOV condom: Aah se Aaha tak.
IODEX condom: Andar tak jaye, Aaram dilaye!!

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Real Naughty Boys

Gaon ki gori, lagti bholi, utare choli, panty kholi,
bed pe soli, mujhse boli, nikalo pichkari, khelo holi.

Lady standing at bus stop taking Whisper pack in her hand.
Begger:Bai kuch dede.
Lady: No change.
B: Ye bread ka packet de de.
Lady: Kal aana, JAM laga ke dungi.

chinese menu:"Happy Dinner"
Choot soong, Suc mi dick, Lick mi clit, Tung sum chic,
Tek in hand, Chu so ni, Gulp sum cum, Fuc sum now,
Choc on it, Chus ti reh.

Yeh ladkiya bhi ajeeb hoti hai. Kuchh kaho to mu phula leti hai,kuchh karo to pet phula leti hai.

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Sophia Chaudhary Hot MTV Caps

The hot babe has shot up over the years, from her 'Zee Tv Top Ten' days to singing and now acting in movies.

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